Welcome and thank you for taking the time to explore our practice. We are a team of Social Workers and Psychotherapists bringing with us a lot of experience and hope for our work together.

People seek counselling for a number of reasons; most often, in hope of gaining support through a new challenge, life transition, or difficulties from the past. Whatever is bringing you to our page, we are happy to help you with.  We firmly believe that every person has the innate ability to cope with the challenges in their lives, but sometimes experiences from the past make it difficult to tap into these abilities. Together we can work to bring forward the parts of you that are seeking change and heal what has been getting in the way of the life you would like to lead.

We offer virtual/telephone counselling across Ontario and offer in-person counselling in London, ON.



Individual therapy is focused on your unique needs and goals. Individual therapy includes learning about your history and life experiences then establishing goals to accomplish in counselling. Psychotherapy allows you to create lasting change through identifying and healing the root of your pain, insecurity, or doubt.

Therapy For Trauma

For many of us, our stream of life is interrupted by events that are so stressful and scary that they create lasting change. This can be a single incident such as an assault or accident. These changes don’t need to be permanent, however, and you can learn to cope with the emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual effects of trauma with trauma therapy.

Therapy For Anxiety, Stress and Mood

Sometimes we just don’t feel quite right. We can feel stress and change mounting out of our control. Maybe this is a feeling you have had before, or maybe it is a new feeling. Regardless, counselling can help you to navigate this feeling by understanding why it is happening, resolving its root causes, and learning skills to cope.

Therapy For Loss and Grief

Loss can weigh heavy on us long after the initial event. It can cause a rupture in what we knew to be true and can leave us feeling a longing for what was lost and the loss of what we hoped would be. An experienced counsellor can help by offering a safe space to navigate loss and grief, express your feelings, and heal those wounds left by the loss.

Therapy For Identity and Self Image

A sense of self is easily interrupted by stress, change, and trauma. Maybe you feel like you have never really known yourself and have always been focused on others. Counselling can be an important and effective support option if you’re struggling with low self-esteem or self-worth, and more.

Virtual or Tele-Therapy

Do you prefer to meet online or by telephone? Maybe you are in a remote area, or you’re travelling or daily commute that meeting in one place is difficult. Maybe you prefer meeting via distance due to pain, injury or because you’re immunocompromised. Whatever the reason, our therapists are happy to offer counselling online and over the phone.

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Counselling is a type of talk therapy in which a qualified therapist counsels a client in a safe, confidential atmosphere to assist them to deal with their issues. Whatever challenges you are facing or dealing with, counselling offers an opportunity to gain insight, uncover internal strengths, and learn effective ways to cope with life’s challenges. 

You don’t need to continue feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. Seeking counselling is an effective way to shed light on and heal the issues that may be holding you back, allowing you to step into the person and life that you want. Our team of experienced counsellors draws on an assortment of educational backgrounds and experiences. You can visit our therapist’s page to learn more about our practitioners. We strive to make finding the right therapist easy for our patients, and if you’re not sure who might be the best fit, please reach out to our intake screener directly. 


When you’re ready to get started, simply send us a message and a member of our staff will get back to you as soon we can. We have a wide variety of appointments available, and we offer counselling in London from Monday to Sunday between the hours of 9 AM to 9 PM.  

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We commend you for taking the initial step, whatever your motivation may be. Together, we can find, process, and heal the elements of your life that are seeking change and preventing you from living the life you desire and deserve. If you’re ready to get started with Counselling in London, we invite you to book an appointment now.