About Us

Meet our Founder and Registered Psychotherapist, Michelle Gibson MSW, RSW

I started my first business, Gibson Counselling, in 2013 focused on providing evidenced based, trauma specialized services in London Ontario. I learned quickly that I could not keep up with referrals due to the immense need for trauma focused care in our communities. After years of cooperating with therapists outside of my practice for referral support, I pictured a collaborative clinic that could offer high quality services without a waitlist, which brings me to G & A.

In the beginning, G & A was made up of a handful of like minded therapists transitioning to virtual work during pandemic lockdowns. Now, G & A is a dynamic team of therapists collaborating on shared ideals for practice and offering unique areas of specialty offering assistance for almost everything that brings people to therapy within one therapy team. We offer in person services at our London and Toronto offices and virtual services across Ontario. We focus on building our team people first which has resulted in our own community of supportive therapists who genuinely enjoy one another, whether that is at a lunch or a peer consultation.

As the founder and director, I divide my time between clinical work and operating the business, which includes supporting my team. On paper, I am a psychotherapist, business owner, mentor, and teacher but I bring all of me to this role which is not encompassed by these titles. I am a mom to two (one human and one dog), an avid traveller and explorer, a lover of antique markets and rare finds, happiest when I am well fed, well rested and having had fresh air, a seeker of deep conversations and a good laugh, and forever on my own path to self connection and growth. Each person on our team brings their own list of clinical skills AND personality that makes up an essential part of G & A. I truly welcome you to explore our team and more about our clinic, whether you are here out of interest as a clinician or as a potential client. We welcome you!

Our practice is female founded and led, by a clinician for clinicians. As a leader, mentor, teacher, peer and collaborator, my goal for each team member and client is that G & A is a soft place to land. It is a safe space to be connected to self, whatever that means for you, and to fully embrace where you want your next steps to take you.

Our Commitment


We have availability within our clinic, whether it be through our intern program or larger roster of accredited therapists. Our team is eager to work with you! We have a diverse team of therapists offering specialties on a variety of areas. We are confident we can find a fit for you within our team.
We are a team of genuine and non judgmental therapists who truly want to be with you exactly as you are right now. We do not carry expectations of you. We welcome you as you are and look forward to helping you uncover your path forward.



We are here to work with you, not tell you how to live your life. You are the expert of your life and no therapy can change that. We can step into a role of collaborator with you to set goals and work together towards achieving them.
We are all accredited and well trained. Each therapist on our team has their own niche and has worked diligently to gain advanced skills. We are committed to ongoing learning to keep honing our skills to offer you exceptional care every session.

Clinical Excellence

Critical Practice

We are an anti-racist organization recognizing the systemic injustices that create barriers to accessing therapy and the systemic injustices that have been a part of the history of social work and psychotherapy. We are commitment to practicing from a stance of curiosity to unlearn the practices and critical actions against structures that perpetuate these injustices.

Counselling is a type of talk therapy in which a qualified therapist counsels a client in a safe, confidential atmosphere to assist them to deal with their issues. Whatever challenges you are facing or dealing with, counselling offers an opportunity to gain insight, uncover internal strengths, and learn effective ways to cope with life’s challenges.

You don’t need to continue feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. Seeking counselling is an effective way to shed light on and heal the issues that may be holding you back, allowing you to step into the person and life that you want. Our team of experienced counsellors draws on an assortment of educational backgrounds and experiences. You can visit our therapist’s page to learn more about our practitioners. We strive to make finding the right therapist easy for our patients, and if you’re not sure who might be the best fit, please reach out to our intake screener directly.

When you’re ready to get started, simply send us a message and a member of our staff will get back to you as soon we can. We have a wide variety of appointments available, and we offer in-person counselling in London and Toronto as well as virtual counselling from Monday to Sunday between the hours of 9 AM to 9 PM.

For more information about our hourly rates, insurance coverage, and eligibility for discounted rates, please visit our appointments page.

We commend you for taking the initial step, whatever your motivation may be. Together, we can find, process, and heal the elements of your life that are seeking change and preventing you from living the life you desire and deserve. If you’re ready to get started with Counselling in London, we invite you to book an appointment now.

We offer virtual/telephone counselling across Ontario and offer in-person counselling in London, ON and Toronto, ON.