We aim to create a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment for all of our clients. Please note the following details regarding our space:

  • Our London office is on the main floor of a century home but there are stairs to access our unit. Our Toronto office is located on the second floor with a steep flight of stairs. Unfortunately, we do not have a lift or elevator for either location. To create opportunities for in person sessions for our clients who require an accessible space, we work in partnership with community centres that can offer a confidential and supportive space, while being accessible. Should you wish to see a therapist in person and require accessible building arrangements, please let us know ahead of the session so we can arrange this.  
  • There is one gender neutral washroom at both locations.
  • Though our space is not specifically scent-reduced, we have office space that is scent free. Please mention your preference or allergy in your intake form or let us know ahead of time so we can arrange this space. 
  • Some overhead lights in our space are fluorescent, however we primarily use non-fluorescent lamps in our therapy rooms.
  • All chairs in our space have backrests.

If you have any questions regarding accessibility, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us: