Michelle Gibson, MSW, RSW

  • Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist

As a practicing Psychotherapist and Registered Social Worker (OCSWSSW) my goal is to create a space from which you feel safe to explore what is holding your back from the life you would like to be living. My practice is guided by the hope of offering you a space for healing in a judgement-free and open setting. When we are offered the space for connection, our system can open up to explore parts of ourselves that are otherwise blocked by defences, pleasing and performance. I would be honoured to hold this space with you.

I work with most concerns that bring someone to counselling including stress, trauma, identity, grief and loss, anxiety and transitions along the life course. If your story includes parts that feel unfinished, burdened or stuck, than I am likely a good fit for you. I work collaboratively with my clients primarily from an Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy model (Level 3 and advanced trainings). This means that therapy most often involves working to explore what is happening inside rather than focusing on what is happening around you in your life. Sometimes I pull in knowledge from other therapy types including EMDR (Levels I, II, and advanced trainings), somatic therapy, and emotion focused therapy, to assist my clients in exploring their concerns. While IFS is my main model of use, I am privileged to have knowledge of and experience in many other models that can be used to assist us in the therapeutic process.

In addition to psychotherapy, I am an adjunct professor and I regularly facilitate workshops throughout Canada. I also offer clinical consultations to fellow mental health professionals and training to organizations on any number of topics related to trauma, ethical practice, and psychotherapy modalities.

In addition to psychotherapy, I value working with other professionals and businesses through supervision, consultation and teaching. I offer clinical supervision, regularly facilitate workshops throughout Canada and consult with organizations. I offer clinical supervision to new and experienced clinicians who resonate with my approach and experience. I also enjoy working with organizations to collaborate on addressing issues, including burnout and team dynamics, and to support their business growth. I also develop and teach workshops on a number of topics, including psychotherapy models, trauma-focused care, and topics related to ethics and professional practice. If you are curious about any of these services, please contact me.

In my spare time, you can find me travelling, exploring an antique market, reading, and spending time with my partner, my daughter and my dog, Otis.