At Gibson and Associates, we offer integration psychotherapy that can assist your psychedelic treatment. Given the legal status of psychedelic substances, it cannot be used outside of a research context. Integration psychotherapy offers support of psychedelic experiences had outside of therapy.

What is Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy?

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy is an emerging treatment that combines low-dose ketamine infusions with talk therapy. Ketamine, in sub-anesthetic doses, can quickly relieve symptoms of depression and has shown great potential for hard-to-treat cases. During ketamine therapy sessions, the patient is monitored by medical staff while receiving an IV ketamine infusion. They may close their eyes and listen to music through headphones or keep their eyes open. While in a unique mental state induced by ketamine, patients work through traumatic experiences or negative thought patterns with their therapist. 

Ketamine Treatment for Depression

Side effects of ketamine can include feeling disconnected from one’s environment, changes in sensory perception like blurred vision, and increased heart rate or blood pressure. However, these side effects are usually mild and short-lived. Overall, for treatment-resistant depression ketamine therapy offers a potentially breakthrough option and the opportunity for relief where antidepressants have failed. More research is still needed, but ongoing clinical trials continue to support ketamine’s rapid antidepressant properties when combined with psychotherapy.

Understanding Ketamine Therapy

Some key things to understand about ketamine therapy are that multiple treatment sessions are typically needed, with the antidepressant effects often lasting between one to three weeks. Talk therapy aids in maintaining therapeutic gains and integration sessions are recommended.

Integration psychotherapy is an important part of any psychedelic-assisted therapy experience. During a psychedelic experience, profound insights and realizations can occur that provide opportunities for personal growth and healing. However, without proper integration work after the experience, these insights may not translate into lasting changes in one’s life. 

Integration Psychotherapy in Toronto or London, ON 

At Gibson and Associates in Toronto or London, we offer integration psychotherapy sessions to assist you in your processing. An integration therapist can help unpack, explore and apply the lessons from a psychedelic session. In individual or group therapy sessions, they will gently guide you to reflect on your experience. You can discuss any realizations, emotional processing or meaningful visions that occurred. The therapist will help you understand how these relate to your life, relationships and personal development goals.

Together you can identify specific ways to incorporate the insights into your daily habits and routines. Small, sustainable lifestyle changes are preferable to radical overhauls. Regular check-ins also allow you to process any lingering emotional processing or challenges that come up over time. An integration period is needed to fully assimilate what was revealed during an altered state of consciousness. 

With a trained therapist’s support, you can maximize the transformative potential of psychedelic therapy. Fully integrating insights is key to maintaining improvements to one’s mental wellbeing, behaviours and overall life satisfaction long after the actual psychedelic experience itself.

Book with a Trained Integration Therapist in Ontario

If you are interested in meeting and an integration therapist, reach out to us today. We have therapists in London or Toronto ready to meet with you to discuss ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. We also provide therapy services online. Book online or contact our office. 

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