Virtual Therapy Ontario

Are you considering therapy, but unable to find the time or a local practitioner you trust? Connecting with a specialized therapist has become much easier in recent days with the emergence of virtual therapy. Online therapy is a convenient, confidential, and effective alternative to in-person therapy. 

Gibson & Associates has a team of social workers & psychotherapists in Ontario with unique virtual therapy options including a wide range of trauma therapy (including EMDR and IFS), individual psychotherapy, somatic therapy, and more. Our team is experienced in providing therapy services in person, over the phone, and virtually via secure online video conferencing. 

If you choose to work with one of our therapists virtually, rest assured that our online counselling options are compliant with Ontario’s Privacy Health Information Protect Act (PHIPA) and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Why Choose Virtual Counselling in Ontario?

In light of the prominent global events over the past few years, many industries have shifted their services online. The mental health industry has been no different. Many clients choose online therapy for multiple reasons, some of the most popular being:

•  Staying home due to Covid-19 restrictions or limitations
•  Needing to be home with children or dependants
•  Wanting to work with a particular therapist outside your geographical area
Feeling more comfortable seeking therapy from the comfort of your own home

Regardless of your reasoning to want to pursue virtual therapy, we are happy you’re here.


Our experienced therapists draw on different modalities, personal and clinical experience, and educational backgrounds. To learn more about our team, please visit our therapist page.

Some of the core types of online counselling we offer online include:

Virtual Psychotherapy

Individual therapy is personalized for you and your needs. Individual therapy can focus on anything, including your past life events, current stressors, and worries for the future. We provide therapy that is tailored to your needs as a full-service counselling agency. We can help you address any problems that may lead you to therapy. 

Virtual Therapy for Trauma

Throughout our lives, many of us experience significant events that have lasting effects on us, and more specifically our brains. These events, big or small, can result in trauma and complex trauma issues, which can be difficult to identify and cope with on our own. Working with an experienced trauma therapist can help you uncover events from your past that may be impacting your current life.

Gibson & Associates is a well-known agency for trauma therapy in London, however, we are happy to now be able to offer our virtual trauma therapy services to all of Ontario. 

Virtual EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), is an effective form of psychotherapy helpful for aiding with healing from challenges and emotions that are the result of past distressing events. With EMDR, affective distress can be relieved, negative ideas can be reframed, and physiological tension can be reduced.

EMDR can be performed effectively both in-person and virtually. Our practitioners are trained to treat all kinds of trauma, and take the same safety & privacy measures whether working with a patient online or in person.

Virtual IFS Therapy

Internal Family Systems is an integrative, evidence-based form of psychotherapy. The IFS model is based on an underlying concept that we are all comprised of multiple “parts” that guide our lives. Life events and trauma can disrupt the balance of our different parts, resulting in an imbalance of internal roles. The goal of IFS therapy is to balance the parts of our internal mental system and the Self. This therapy can be done effectively in person and virtually.

Virtual Therapy for Anxiety, Stress And Mood

Sometimes, for whatever reason, we just don’t feel right. We might be feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the prospect of upcoming or current changes. Perhaps this stress or anxiety is a sensation you’ve felt before or something new. Regardless, working with a virtual therapist is an effective way to understand what is happening, why, and learn skills to cope and resolve the root causes. 

Our therapists are experienced in working with patients dealing with life changes & transitions, anger, anxiety, depression, panic disorder, fear & phobias, pain & health concerns, spiritual & existential concerns, sexuality & LGBQT2S-related stressors, and more. 

Virtual Therapy for Loss And Grief

The emotional turmoil that follows a loss may be long-lasting. It might cause a rupture in what we previously thought to be true, and it can leave us yearning for what was lost, as well as the loss of the hope of something greater. 

Our therapists are experienced in supporting patients dealing with loss and grief related to loss of a loved one, loss due to infertility, loss of a relationship, loss of health, loss of a job or career, loss due to life changes, historic losses, and more.

Virtual Therapy for Identity and Self Image

Stress, change, and trauma can all easily disrupt a sense of self. Perhaps you have always felt like you didn’t know yourself very well and were constantly focused on others. Alternatively, you may think that because of major life changes, you have lost your sense of self. Regardless of your reason, we can help. 

Our therapists are experienced in supporting patients dealing with body image concerns, low self-esteem or self-worth, questioning self-purpose or plan, people-pleasing & rescuing or fixing, chronic guilt & shame, and more.

Cost of Online Therapy and Psychotherapy in Ontario

We offer appointments 7 days a week during the day and evening, as scheduled by email or telephone. Our hourly rates are set to be consistent with other Ontario-based psychotherapists. Our individual rates vary depending on the practitioner’s experience and specialty. For practitioner-specific rates, please contact us directly. 

Our services are covered by most extended health care plans, and our fees are covered by contracts with Veterans Affairs, Victim Quick Response Program, RCMP, Federal Government Employees, Native and Indigenous Health Benefits, and Employee Assistance Programs.

Please confirm with us prior to your session and speak with your insurance provider for verification of your benefits.  We also offer discounted rates for students and an additional sliding fee scale for some clients.

Book With a Virtual Therapist in Ontario at Gibson & Associates

No matter the reason you’re seeking counselling, we applaud you for taking the first step. If you’re ready to book your first virtual therapy appointment, please send us a direct message and our team will get back to you promptly with the next steps.