Individual therapy is focused on your unique needs and goals. Individual therapy includes learning about your history and life experiences then establishing goals to accomplish in counselling. Our histories are the roots that provide us with a foundation of strength and resilience. But, our histories can also hold the stories that cause pain, insecurity and doubt. It is our belief that the best therapy comes from helping to heal the roots that cause those stuck points. Through this we can create lasting change.


As a full-service agency, we offer therapy tailored to address a number of concerns, really anything that might bring you to therapy. Click on the buttons below and check out our bios to determine who may be the best fit for you based on your needs. Or, email our Intake Screener ([email protected]) who will help connect you with the right therapist.


For many of us, our stream of life is interrupted by events that are so stressful and scary that they create lasting change. This can be a single incident such as an assault or accident. Or, it could be recurring incidents that take place in the course of our work. It could also be trauma in our earliest years from our caregivers or in our first relationships. If you feel that something from your past is impacting your current life, trauma focused therapy may be a good fit for you.


We work with trauma and complex trauma including:

• Recent stress or trauma experience
• Childhood emotional, sexual, and/or physical abuse
• Relationship trauma, abuse and violence
• Organizational stress and burn out including military personnel and veterans, first responders, and workplace injuries
• Marginalization and oppression in the form of discrimination for sex, race, class, gender, religion, and culture.
• Grief and loss including death of a loved one, loss of a relationship, miscarriage and infertility
• Dissociation and Dissociative disorders
• Borderline Personality Disorder

Therapy for Anxiety, Stress and Mood

Sometimes we just don’t feel quite right. We can feel stress and change mounting out of our control. Maybe this is a feeling you have had before, or maybe it is a new feeling.  Either way, we can help you to navigate this by working on understanding why it is happening, learning skills to cope, and resolving its root causes.


We can work with  the following conditions:

• Life Changes and Transitions
• Anger
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Panic Disorder
• Fears & Phobias
• Loss & Grief
• Low Self Esteem
• Relationship Concerns
• Pain & Health Concerns
• Spiritual and Existential Concerns
• Sexuality and LGBQT2S related stressors

Therapy for Loss and Grief

Loss can weigh heavy on us long after the initial event. It can cause a rupture in what we knew to be true and can leave us feeling a longing for what was lost and the loss of what we hoped would be. We can help you navigate loss and grief by offering a safe space to express your feelings and exploring wounds left by the loss.


We can offer support with grief and loss due to:

• Loss of a loved one (including sacred pets)
• Loss due to infertility
• Loss of a relationship
• Loss of health
• Loss of a job or career
• Loss due to life changes
• Historic losses

Therapy for Identity and Self Image

A sense of self is easily interrupted by stress, change, and trauma. Maybe you feel like you have never really known yourself and have always been focused on others. Or, maybe, you feel like you have lost a sense of self due to big changes in your life. This could all be tied in with how you feel about your body, especially if it has gone through a change as well.


We can offer support for this, including help for:

• Body image concerns
• Low self-esteem or self-worth
• Questioning self-purpose and plan
• People pleasing, rescuing and fixing
• Chronic guilt, regret and shame


Do you prefer to meet online or by telephone?
Maybe you are in a remote area, or you’re travelling or daily commute that meeting in one place is difficult. Maybe you prefer meeting via distance due to pain, injury or because you’re immunocompromised. Or, maybe you’d just feel more comfortable meeting from the safety of your own environment. Our virtual therapy options are an effective alternative to in-person therapy.


Whatever the reason, we are happy to offer online or telephone services. We have training to ensure that virtual or telephone options are just as effective as in-person therapy. If you’re interested in virtual or telephone therapy or if you have further questions, contact us to determine if this may be a good fit for you.