IFS Therapy (Internal Family Systems) is an inclusive, self-directed psychotherapy model that can help you recover from trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, and more. At Gibson & Associates, our team truly believes that every patient has the innate ability to heal past traumas or internal conflicts that may be holding them back from being the person they wish to be.

IFS Therapy is an effective treatment option for trauma, compulsive behaviours, depression, body image issues, anxiety, and more. To get started, view our therapists’ page to see our practitioners who currently offer IFS therapy, book online, or contact our intake coordinator now.

We currently offer sessions in-person at our offices in Toronto or London, ON and online throughout Ontario.

What Is The Internal Family Systems Model?

The Internal Family Systems model is an evidence-based approach to psychotherapy that views your mind as made up of many different parts, or “subpersonalities.” Each “part” has its own concerns, beliefs, memories, and agendas that may be impacting your life. The goal of IFS therapy is to help you access your core Self which will allow you to better understand and heal your parts.

IFS therapy was developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz in the 1980s. He found that people are often unaware of their internal parts. This lack of awareness can lead to interpersonal problems like poor communication, unfounded anger, fear of intimacy, self-destructive behaviour, and more. IFS therapy can help you gain an understanding of these parts, help each part heal from past pain or trauma, and create harmony among the parts so that you can be more fully yourself. In essence, there is freedom in speaking for our parts, rather than from them!

Who Can Benefit From IFS Therapy?

According to the International Society for Mental Health Online, IFS therapy is most useful for people who have problems with their self-image (such as low self-esteem), people who feel overwhelmed by emotions like anger or sadness, and those who are experiencing intense feelings like grief or loss. In addition, it can be helpful for people who feel disconnected from themselves or the world.

If you’re ready to explore what is hurting or holding you back from the life you would like to be living, we can help. Contact us today to get started with one of our therapists.

Can I Do Online IFS Therapy in Ontario?

Our IFS therapists are happy to offer in-person sessions at our offices in Toronto or London, ON, and virtually throughout the province of Ontario. Online IFS therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy. Our practitioners are trained to treat all kinds of trauma and take the same safety & privacy measures whether working with a patient online or in person.

Virtual therapy is a convenient option for patients seeking the same benefits from the comfort of their own home, or for patients looking for a practitioner that specializes in particular forms of therapy, like IFS. If you’re ready to get started, and you’re in London, Toronto, or the province of Ontario, contact us today.

Are You Ready To Start Feeling Like Yourself Again?

If your answer is “yes,” then we want to help. At Gibson & Associates, we provide a unique approach to mental health and counselling options for coping with and overcoming life’s challenges. Contact us today to get started or book online.


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